The people who make it possible
Guy Jessop, President
If you've passed by the wild horse feeders at the National Wild Horse and Burro Center at Palomino Valley, or noticed the ornate community street signs for Arrow Creek and Somersett subdivisions, you've seen some of Guy Jessop's proudest work - not to mention the beautiful custom entry gates and railings for houses on Lakeshore Boulevard in Incline Village, Roundhill, Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Martis Camp.

Guy Jessop is Advanced Powder Coating's (APC) president. He has worked in construction, metal fabrication and jobsite safety for 16 years.

"I love working on projects and working with metal," he says. "I've been intrigued by challenges and finding solutions. Powder coating has driven me to excel in problem solving."

Probably most notable about Guy is that he is a very hands-on owner. "I'm at the shop most every day - I love being the face of our business and working hard to make sure that my clients are happy and that I create a culture so my staff takes just as much pride in our mission."

In his spare time, Guy enjoys shooting, camping, barbeques and spoiling his dogs. Of his more unusual hobbies: "I really enjoy off-road racing, restoring antique helicopters and military vehicles. I am also an avid backpack collector."

A third-generation Nevadan, Guy volunteers at the Carson City Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy and does work for the James D. Huff Peace Officers Memorial Wall. He is proud of APC's work with Moms on The Run, Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

"We absolutely believe in giving back to this community that's given so much support to us over the years," he says.

Karen Jessop, Administrative Assistant
Growing up on a cattle ranch with her dad may have prepared Karen Jessop for her role as APC's administrative assistant in unexpected ways - especially because, as she points out, her job is essentially "Lead Guy Wrangler."

When she's not herding Guy or the rest of the team in a helpful direction toward project completion, she's helping local customers, big and small, with their projects. Her goal is that every project is thoughtfully executed and delivered with the best quality in the least amount of time.

"I like helping people customize their project and seeing their faces when they get the finished product," she says. "It's a big deal to trust us with your project, and we take our role seriously."

Her past work experience in public service, investigations and grant writing have given her a solid background for this diverse position. But she finds herself learning something new every day in this new and ever-changing industry.

"I attended Powder Coating 101, a 5-day conference on all things powder coating," she says. "What an experience - I bet you didn't even know we have 29 versions of the color black in stock!"

When she's not serving as APC's project shepherd, she enjoys being outside and active - target shooting, camping, bike riding and running are some of her favorite activities.

"We also have four dogs, and two of them are our greeters at the shop," she says. "They're here to welcome you when you stop by!"

Karen is passionate about APC's commitment to Moms on The Run, Children's Miracle Network, and Northern Nevada Concerns of Police Survivors. She also helped in the recovery effort following Hurricane Katrina. "We love the doers of good in our community and we get involved whenever we can in helping this community be a better place," she says.

And here's a little-known fact about Karen: "My dad and I help cook at the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off. Come see us at Butch's Smack Your Lips BBQ!"

Josh French, Shop Foreman
Shop Foreman Josh French has spent his entire career in the trenches: He has been a diesel mechanic, worked in metal fabrication and served in the military to protect our country.

He has spent the last 12 years in the metal industry and is passionate about creating high-quality work that surpasses customer expectations.

"I get to work with my hands and see something new every day," he says. "And I get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping create what our customers visualize."

In his spare time, this native Nevadan enjoys appreciating the region's outdoors through activities like hunting, fishing and camping.

Santos Cerda, Supervisor
For Santos Cerda, work is both a passion and a profession.

"Work is my hobby," he shares.

And it's easy to understand why: With 20 years in the industry and a background that includes sandblasting and quality control, he takes great pride in learning on the job and excelling through every new challenge.

"My experience on the job has taught me how to perform quality work," he says.

This commitment to excellence makes him the perfect choice for ensuring the APC team meets and exceeds expectations to deliver the highest quality products.

"I like making sure the jobs are done right and the other workers know how to do their jobs well," he says.

When he's not ensuring APC's customers get the results they want, Santos enjoys spending time with his four kids.

Lenore E., Customer Service Representative
In her customer service role at Advanced Powder Coating, Lenore is all about making relationships with customers and ensuring their happiness throughout the process.

"I love my job and I'm amazed by the transformation powder coating can do for a person's project," she says. "I love seeing how happy our customers are when they pick up their finished product."

She makes use of her diverse education daily, having earned both a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Go Pack!

In her spare time, you'll find Lenore staying busy with her family, reading, baking and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

"My most recent volunteer work would be helping with charity tournaments that the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym puts on," she says.